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NEGS News Term 2, Week 2

10 May 2024
Written by Tianna Kelly
General News

Yesterday, NEGS acknowledged 'Do it for Dolly Day'. A day for us to pause and reflect on the impact that bullying can have on individuals. As a community, it is our responsibility to foster an environment of inclusivity and kindness. Let us speak up against bullying, support our friends in need, and check in on our loved ones.

As we dive into Term 2, I am looking forward to welcoming our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and guests to our Chapel service and afternoon tea today. For those who are unable to join us, I extend Mother's Day wishes to you all. For our families in Dubbo, I encourage you to visit the NEGS stand this weekend at the Dubbo Boarding Expo.

This week Year 9 students have embarked on Outward Bound. Led by Leanne Chandler, our Stage Advisor, the students have experienced challenges from high ropes to abseiling. I also heard there was a unanimous request for fleece liners! Well done students and thank you Leanne, Lou Davies and Philipa Tlaskal for accompanying the students.

I look forward to hearing of the success of our livestock team following next week at Wingham.

Best wishes also to our winter sport teams as they gear up for competition.

I am delighted to welcome Hester Wright to our music department as Sarah Sadgrove begins her maternity leave. Together with Tori Packer, they will be leading our Term 4 school musical, Under the Sea.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Parents and Friends Association for their generosity in purchasing new ergonomic chairs for the senior school. Your support ensures that our learning environment remains comfortable and conducive to academic excellence. I am also looking forward to seeing the fairy garden constructed in the junior school.

Ms Liz van Genderen


Welcome back to our entire NEGS community for what will be a very busy term. Our students will have opportunities to compete for the school at many events e.g Athletics Carnival, Coona, and IGSA Cross Country, to name a few. Many students will also pursue personal achievement through representation in their chosen sports. All of this added to what will be a rigorous academic focus will need each member of our community to be organised and thinking ahead. Whether it is making sure class work and assessments are completed on time and to a good standard, or that leave is communicated in a timely fashion. 

We will continue to focus this Term on creating positive learning environments and fostering respectful relationships. The students have been reminded that this can be achieved by embracing the 3 P’s; being Punctual, being Prepared and being Positively Engaged. Classrooms are a place for everyone to learn and all students have a responsibility to facilitate this. Understanding the processes and routines of the school are also essential and I encourage all to re-visit these or ask if you are unsure. Finally, as is always the case, always choose kindness.

In exciting news, we have partnered with Wellio. Wellio helps students proactively improve their mental wellbeing using research-backed habits and techniques. Alongside their work with students, Wellio will be delivering a webinar each term to parents! 

This term the topic is on:

Phones and Social Media 

Details: On Zoom, Tuesday 14 May at 6:30 (Melbourne/Sydney time)

To register your interest and have access to the recording please click on this link.

Wellio Webinar Registration

Reminder on uniform; If you are unsure, please check below and visit the uniform shop for items needed.

Everyday wear

All students wear a navy tunic (below the knee) with a plaid blouse.

The blouse has a narrow navy tie, worn as a bow.

Black tights with clean black leather lace up shoes.

School broad brimmed hats are to be worn during the school day when outside for recess and lunch.

Hair must always be clean and tidy, back off the face and tied back with a navy ribbon when long enough to be secured with an elastic. The elastic must either match the ribbon or the hair colour.

On school grounds, just a jumper may be worn over the tunic. Otherwise, the blazer and hat must be worn – this includes girls attending external classes, appointments or going to town after school.

Years 11 and 12 wear a navy tunic and white blouse with a tartan tie.

“Walking Out” Uniform

Kilt (below the knee) with a white blouse, tartan tie, jumper and blazer or just blazer (never just a jumper).

Black tights with clean black leather lace up shoes.

School broad brimmed hats are to be worn at all times.

Hair must always be clean and tidy, back off the face and tied back with a navy ribbon when long enough to be secured with an elastic. The elastic must either match the ribbon or the hair colour.

During winter, scarves may be worn around the grounds for warmth, but these must be the scarves available from the Uniform Shop. The sport/EC jacket cannot be worn with the winter uniform except for exceptionally cold days and only over the NEGS jumper and blazer when OUTSIDE in the cold. NEGS sports hoodie or vest is not to be worn as part of the Day School Uniform.

Mr Jamie Moore

Deputy Principal/CAFS Teacher

Dear NEGS families,

This week we turn to the third ring of the Learning and Teaching Framework: competencies.

As the 21st Century has marched along and technology and the nature of work with it, there has been a general recognition that the curriculum taught in schools needs to evolve. Notions of 21st Century Skills and project-based learning started creeping in, as did the importance of collaboration or a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) or design thinking; these ideas have steadily gained traction in schools in the past two decades. The general premise is that the skills needed to succeed and thrive have changed as the nature of work and society becomes more dynamic and complex. In recognition of this, some key innovations in teaching and learning practices have been developed. 

Deep Learning is perhaps the most successful of these ‘value adding’ models, particularly in terms of making learning relevant and meaningful to the lived experiences of young people, now and in the future. Its success globally is likely due to its grounding in the work of Michael Fullan, a renowned academic and change management specialist with a focus on education. Fullan’s work embraced ‘systemsness’ and a focus on how complexity and change operate in systems in the real world. A school is a system, with particular structures, procedures, and ‘the way we do things around here.’ But a school also exists in a district or association, such as IGSA, and within the education system of a state, province, territory or nation. It is only by recognizing the forces and drivers at play at different levels of interacting systems that a change management process - a renewal or innovation in a school’s approach to learning - can be truly embedded and thus actually said to be truly innovative. Innovation is not ideation – it is the hard work of implementation in the messy reality of day to day life.

So what is this innovative change that Deep Learning seeks to make? What is the value that is added to the NSW Education Standards Authority’s curriculum? The simplistic answer is six competencies, six things that a person can do that will enrich their capacity to be successful with people, work, and in society. 

Deep Learning aims to cultivate these competencies in students, staff and school communities. But it’s more than that: it accompanies a fundamental shift from teaching to designing learning. This is in keeping with all of the advances made in the Learning Sciences in recent decades. Students are not sponges that absorb information from a lecturing expert in a classroom. They are individuals whose particular interests and circumstances can be designed for, whose learning experiences can be carefully crafted to ensure that the knowledge and skills learned are optimal and encoded strongly. The table below summarises this shift from traditional conceptions of learning to Deep Learning.

We want our young people to be their best @ NEGS, and to help them do so, now and in the future, we have embedded the Deep Learning competencies and approach to learning design into our Learning and Teaching Framework. We have partnered with the Association of Independent Schools NSW and joined their Designing for Deep Learning network to undertake a two-year project of professional learning to ‘deepen’ the learning at NEGS, helping students, staff, and our community to develop the competencies to thrive in a complex and changing world.

Mr Ryan Caldwell

Director of Teaching and Learning/English Teacher

A warm welcome back, as we come together for Term Two. The beginning of each term is an opportunity to refocus and reconnect with the goals we set out to achieve both as individuals and as a part of the NEGS community. As communicated by Ms van Genderen, this term we will focus on the school value of Responsibility. Responsibility encompasses personal accountability, our actions within groups, and our roles as learners and community members. It is our responsibility to foster respectful relationships, model courtesy, respect, and good manners.

With this focus, we highlight our commitment to the shared responsibility we have in fostering a culture of excellence, integrity, and community here at our school. Responsibility is about recognising that each one of us has a role to play in creating a positive and inclusive learning environment where every student feels supported, valued, and empowered to succeed.

Recently I read an article titled, ‘The Value of Responsibility’ where the author discussed a very important component to embracing responsibility. 

We all want every day to feel open and full of possibilities so it’s important we trust in each other’s motives and abilities. In giving trust to others we are saying, “I believe in you and I believe you’ll do the right thing.” Without this trust we risk wasting time and energy monitoring people and managing details we shouldn’t be concerned with, rather than adding value ourselves. When we feel trusted we may feel more comfortable taking initiative and accepting responsibility. By stepping forward we are saying to others, “I’ve got this. I’ll deliver on what I said I’m going to do.” And if it turns out we’ll fall short, we’re forthcoming, honest and proactive with our communication.

As members of the NEGS community, we all share the responsibility for upholding these values. Whether it's taking care of our school facilities, supporting our peers academically and emotionally, or actively participating in Co-curricular activities, each of us plays a part in shaping life at NEGS.

As we embark on this new term together, let's hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions, strive for excellence in all that we do, and work collaboratively to create a space where everyone can thrive. I look forward to the term ahead and what can be achieved. The possibilities are endless.

Mrs Heidi Dent

Junior School Coordinator/Year 6 Teacher

Hook in to learning.

As you will have read last term, NEGS is committed to the ongoing professional development of our staff to ensure that our students receive the best possible educational opportunities. We have been working closely with the AIS as we move towards the implementation of Michael Fullan's renowned Deep Learning framework, which aligns with our own Learning and Teaching framework.

Term 2 sees Year 3/4 engaging in our science unit, “Energy Explorers”. The unit will facilitate students to delve into content as outlined in the NSW Syllabus, describing the characteristics and effects of common forms of energy, such as light and heat. Applying a Deep Learning lens encourages students to drive their inquiry as encapsulated in our Driving Question: How might I show a genuine interest for the environment when using energy?

The program will be overlaid with the Deep Learning competency “citizenship”, fostering in students the mindset of global citizens: considering global issues with empathy and compassion through displaying a genuine interest in human and environmental sustainability.

After viewing Shaun Tan’s picture book, “The Lost Thing”, students began to think about what it is that makes an environment preferential. Contemplating Tan’s imagery and symbolism, students pondered the desirability of his created world, ultimately sparking a dialogue on the kind of world they aspire to inhabit.

Drawing from their reflections, students assessed their own grasp of sustainability through examining the Deep Learning progressions, setting personal learning goals for the unit. The framework ensures students are actively engaged in their current competencies and can identify areas for growth, fostering a collaborative learning environment where students are empowered to drive their own educational journey.

Throughout the term, Stage 2 will deepen their understanding of heat, light, and energy, equipping themselves to partake in the collaborative inquiry process and authentic learning opportunities. We invite you to come along with us on our Deep Learning journey as we develop our knowledge of energy and sustainability and embrace our roles as global citizens. Stay tuned for regular updates on our progress through the NEGS Newsletter.


Mrs Deanna Ford

Year 3/4 Teacher

Welcome back to Term 2 – it might be a short one but we are certainly packing a lot of exciting things into it. Winter Sport always keeps everyone busy as well as IGSA trips for Hockey, Rugby, Athletics, Cross Country and Netball. Year 9 are on Outward Bound, many returning just in time to attend Wingham Beef Week. On campus, we will have our Athletics Carnival, which is always a great opportunity to meet and connect with other boarding parents, and Reconciliation week activities. Also, the much anticipated Coona Expo which has become a highlight for equestrian students.

We have welcomed nine new families into boarding this term, which is really exciting. It is lovely to see our boarding houses filling up and the increased levels of vibrancy, laughter and frivolity that come with that. Naturally, as our houses fill up we all need to consider how we behave and interact in that communal space. As we grow in numbers it is important that we maintain and improve a respectful environment. In boarding this term we will be focusing on encouraging personal responsibility for our actions and words, and to consider the impact we can have on others in our House.

What should boarders be responsible for? In boarding, we want our girls to be responsible for their personal belongings, their personal space, managing their time, their words and their actions. I know it seems like a lot, but there isn’t any expectation for them to ‘do’ all of this immediately. We are here to help them learn these skills in a safe environment where mistakes are actually learning opportunities and consequences are minor. Examples of responsible actions would be - arriving on time when a bell rings to acknowledge the value of other people’s time, or giving adequate notice of requirements to allow others to accommodate needs in an uncomplicated and thoughtful way. Small actions can lead to big changes and a boarding house full of responsible young people is more positive and more relaxed.

For our parents, having confidence in the people sharing the responsibility for the development and care of your daughter is also important. As adults, we are responsible for creating the trusting relationship which increases the sense of security your daughter feels in boarding. Boarding staff are continually modelling responsible behaviours and encouraging boarders to consider their own responsibilities in the houses, whether that is being on time, being well prepared, keeping their rooms tidy or thinking about what they say to others and how that might be interpreted. As always, I encourage parents to contact their Head of House if they have any questions or concerns. Keeping communication channels open is key in dealing with challenges as they arise.

Being responsible is hard work! It is also fundamental to becoming a young person of purpose, who takes ownership and is able to contribute to the complex, changing world which waits for them outside the school gate.

Mrs Kassy Cassidy

Head of Boarding


Our NEGS families are our best advocates, thank you for helping us grow. This term we have welcomed 13 new families to our community. 

Our next Open Morning will be held on Tuesday 21 May. Please share and invite families you know who are considering schools to come and visit NEGS. If you have a sibling starting with us next year, please get in touch with Katlyn so we can ensure all paperwork is in order. It is always a delight to welcome a sibling. 

We are holding our Early Years Morning on 21 May for families considering PreK and Kindergarten. Our current PreK students will be involved in the morning as part of their transition to our Kindergarten classroom. Please reach out to Katlyn or via for more details about the morning.

Mrs Lyn O'Neill

Director of Marketing and Enrolments

NSW Interschools Equestrian Championships were a great success for the 14 students that traveled down to Sydney over the April school holidays. Every NEGS rider showed great pride in the school and rode their absolute best. Traveling coaches, Justine Aitken and Miriam Henry, were impressed with both the behavior and sportsmanship demonstrated by our girls.

Here are their results:

Eva Berlese. 6th Intermediate Prelim Dressage

Sienna Robinson. 1st 80cm Combined Training. 1st Working hunter

Katie Moffitt. 3rd 80cm JS Two phase. 9th 80cm Am5. 4th Overall

Allie Palmer. Second Senior Show Horse

Arabella Blanchard. 6th Intermediate show Hunter. 5th Intermediate Prelim Dressage

Georgina Blanchard. 8th Senior Show Hunter. 8th Senior Prelim Dressage

Abbie Kelly. 4th Intermediate 45cm Combined Training. 6th Intermediate Show Hunter. 

Austin Kelly. 6th Primary 45cm Combined Training

Saskia Jeffery-Billich. 2nd Led Show Horse. 7th overall Show Horse

Robin Henry. 4th 95 Combined Training. 1st 90cm 2 phase. 10th 90cm AM5. 4th Overall 90cm. 2nd 100cm 2 Phase. 8th Overall. 3rd Senior Working Hunter

Bonnie Hay. Competed in the 80cm Show Jumping and Prelim Dressage

Shyla Clarke. 5th 80 Intermediate Show Jumping

Ruby Holgate. 6th 100cm 2Phase5th Overall 100cm Show jumping. 12th Overall 110cm Show Jumping

Beatrix Morton. 2nd Intermediate Show Hunter


Mrs Annyka Overton

Equestrian Centre CoOrdinator

Thank you to the parents who joined us for our meeting last week. It was a very productive meeting, and great to meet some of our new parents.

As a P and F, we have committed to purchasing new chairs for the Senior School, which is in line with the school's focus on updating the teaching and learning spaces. In the Junior School, we are funding an outdoor space that will be used for learning and creative play. We also are supporting a number of smaller projects. Thank you to our parents. Your support of our P and F activities enables us to raise funds for these projects.

Two of our bigger fundraisers take place this term, and we look forward to your support at these events.

On Thursday, 23 May, the annual Father-Daughter/Son Dinner for years 5-12 will occur. We are asking for items to be auctioned or included in the raffle to take place on the night. Funds from this evening will support the EC/Ag Truck and our sports program. The P and F will also run a bar on the night. The following day, we encourage all Dads to come and enjoy the Athletics Carnival. This is always a great NEGS day, and the P and F will run the canteen and have their famous pulled pork buns for sale. We will need donations of baked goods such as cakes, biscuits and slices, which will also be sold at the Athletics Carnival. If the items can be frozen, please drop any baked goods to school before the day.

Planning is starting for our Trivia night and Spring Fair. We are asking for volunteers to help organise these events. If you can assist, please email Lyn O'Neill at 

Finally, mark 27 June in your diary. We plan on holding a BBQ at school for all our students and families and officially launch our new BBQ area.

Thank you for being so supportive and I look forward to catching up throughout the term.

Ms Fiona Macarthur

P and F President



On the afternoon of Monday 6th May, we were fortunate enough to host the Walanbaa Youth, which is an empowerment-based initiative founded by acclaimed Aboriginal entertainer and cultural practitioner, Mitch Tambo.

Walanbaa, which means Strong, celebrates cultural diversity and works across cultures to strengthen the future for all families. Mitch, a proud Gamilaraay man, grew up in Tamworth and has experienced great success on the world music stage. He blends traditional Aboriginal sounds and language with contemporary beats and production. The multi-talented recording artist first stunned the nation when he performed a spine tingling First Nations version of the iconic John Farnham anthem, You're The Voice, on the 2019 finale of Australia’s Got Talent. His last 6 songs have have all gone #1 on the iTunes World Music Charts and his album Guurama-Li reached #1 in Australia, #1 in Denmark, #1 Malta, #2 in the UK and #34 in the US. The album received rave reviews when it featured on Triple J Unearthed. His current single is a version of the Icehouse classic, Great Southern Land, with Australian idol alum, Reigan Derry.

Some of his career highlights include:

  • performed ‘You're The Voice’ alongside John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John and lead guitarist of Queen, Brian May, at the Fire Fight Australia Concert
  • performed at the T20 Women’s World Cup pre-match concert
  • competed to represent Australia in the 2020 Eurovision contest
  • performed at the 2020 & 2024 Australian Open
  • his song Yugal Yulu-gi was used during the 2023 NRL Indigenous Round on Fox Sports
  • nominated at the Country Music Awards 2023 for ‘Come Together’, a collaboration with Lee Kernaghan & Isaiah Firebrace
  • performed his version of Silent Night at Carols by Candlelight 2023

Mitch has appeared alongside some of the country's greatest performers and made numerous television appearances. Beyond his artistic accomplishments, Mitch is a dedicated advocate for social causes. He serves as the Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador for Support Act and supports Aus Music T-shirt Day. He collaborated with Commercial Radio Australia on The Voice mental health campaign and has previously been a UNICEF ambassador.

It was an amazing opportunity for our students from K-12 to learn from Mitch, and they were captivated by his stories and musical talents. He delivered a powerful message through emotive performances and his positive energy was infectious. Staff and students alike delighted in an afternoon of song and dance and it was fantastic to see our senior students supporting our youngest. We are so appreciative that Mitch took the time to visit NEGS. 



‘Most enjoyable learning experience I’ve had at NEGS’

‘I loved getting to dance with the little kids and letting loose’



Parenting Seminar

On Saturday 11th May, Marshall Ballantine Jones will be running a seminar on “8 things every parent should know about porn & social media” at the St Mark's UNE Church. The seminar will be held at 7pm.

Marshall is an ordained Anglican Minister who has conducted PhD research at the University of Sydney’s medical school on the use and effects of pornography.

ALL are welcome, the seminar is not specifically & exclusively for Christians, it’s designed to provide information in a helpful & loving way for anyone interested. This is a FREE event, but bookings are ESSENTIAL, book via this link

Hope to see you there!

St Mark's UNE Church



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