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NEGS News Term 1, Week10

On Tuesday 2 April, I had the honour of attending Zita Denholm’s funeral. Zita passed away at the age of 90. She possessed a zest for living and embracing opportunities as they presented themselves. Zita was instrumental in establishing the riding school at NEGS, where her passion for equine sports enriched the lives of many students.

It was a pleasure welcoming Zita back for the 50-year anniversary of the opening of the Equestrian Centre in September last year. Zita made herself known to the students and their horses who were part of the performance that evening.

Thank you, Zita, for the legacy you have left behind. May you rest in peace.

Zita Denholm at the Equestrian Centre 50 Year Anniversary Celebration

AUTUMN FESTIVAL Although the parade and stalls have been cancelled, our students will still be performing in the Town Hall at 2.15pm. Please come along and support our wonderful performers.

Wishing you all a wonderful Term 1 break. I encourage you to pause, replenish your energy levels and get ready Term 2!

Ms Liz van Genderen


I am sure that we are all looking forward to a well earned rest and extended time at home with family and friends. In the last newsletter I asked that you take time to reflect on the term just passed. As an extension to this and as we move into the break, I would like you to focus on a couple of questions that challenge you to live our core values of Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Teamwork.

Did I set high expectations around my schoolwork that challenged me to be a better student?

Was I the best version of myself, did I treat myself and others respectfully and encourage them to be the best version of themselves?

When called upon, did I give my all to contribute to both my personal success and to the success of those around me?

If I reflect on these questions, personally, there are times when I didn’t get it right and had to be more aware of the impact my decisions had on the people around me or the environment I was in. We need to understand that this is OK, getting things wrong is an essential part of eventually getting things right. Being able to recognise and own your impact allows you to grow as a student, a friend, and a person.

We will move into Winter Uniform in Term 2 so be prepared, including Kilts. If you are unsure, please check below and visit the uniform shop for items needed.

Everyday wear

All students wear a navy tunic (below the knee) with a plaid blouse.

The blouse has a narrow navy tie, worn as a bow.

Black tights with clean black leather lace up shoes.

School broad brimmed hats are to be worn during the school day when outside for recess and lunch.

Hair must always be clean and tidy, back off the face and tied back with a navy ribbon when long enough to be secured with an elastic. The elastic must either match the ribbon or the hair colour.

On school grounds, just a jumper may be worn over the tunic. Otherwise, the blazer and hat must be worn – this includes girls attending external classes, appointments or going to town after school.

Years 11 and 12 wear a navy tunic and white blouse with a tartan tie.

“Walking Out” Uniform

Kilt (below the knee) with a white blouse, tartan tie, jumper and blazer or just blazer (never just a jumper).

Black tights with clean black leather lace up shoes.

School broad brimmed hats are to be worn at all times.

Hair must always be clean and tidy, back off the face and tied back with a navy ribbon when long enough to be secured with an elastic. The elastic must either match the ribbon or the hair colour.

During winter, scarves may be worn around the grounds for warmth, but these must be the scarves available from the Uniform Shop. The sport/EC jacket cannot be worn with the winter uniform except for exceptionally cold days and only over the NEGS jumper and blazer when OUTSIDE in the cold. NEGS sports hoodie or vest is not to be worn as part of the Day School Uniform.

As we move into the busy winter terms, be sure to come back refreshed, happy, healthy, and excited to start our assault on the various sporting competitions, equestrian pursuits and academic challenges that lay ahead.

Mr Jamie Moore

Deputy Principal/Director of Sport and Activities

This week we turn to the second ring of the Learning and Teaching Framework: values.

As I stated in the last newsletter, the Learning and Teaching Framework has learning at its core. This reflects our purpose as a school – we are a community where people come to learn. But what we learn is more than just the curriculum. 

At NEGS, we learn to be empathetic, fulfilled people that embrace possibilities to contribute and thrive in a complex and changing world. We learn to be people who value integrity, responsibility, excellence and teamwork. Yes, we learn the knowledge and skills of the core disciplines of a broad, liberal arts education, but we also learn to be our best @ NEGS.

This is in keeping with the holistic ethos of an Anglican education, which prioritises the development of the whole person; academically, emotionally, spiritually. 

Michael Fullan speaks about ‘wounded winners’ – students who are good at bookwork learning, but perhaps not so great at life. It is no secret that the HSC exams induce a lot of stress, and that the mental wellbeing of young people is increasingly under strain. This is part of the rationale for adopting the Deep Learning competencies into our Learning and Teaching Framework – deep learning seeks to make learning relevant, purposeful and meaningful for young people. We can and should develop discipline, knowledge and skills, but we can develop the whole person at the same time.

At a recent seminar conducted by the Association of Independent Schools NSW, Professor John Fischetti, from the University of Newcastle (Professor of Leadership and School Transformation) spoke about measures that matter. He spoke about measures beyond the normal realm of pure academics. In his presentation, he displayed a job ad for Apple New Zealand. The job ad did make some reference to qualifications and experience, but only as an afterthought. The priority selection criteria were: 

  • Know people
  • See around corners
  • Approach problems flexibly
  • Drive what matters
  • Stay curious

These are dispositions, ‘soft skills’ and hallmarks of innovation. For a large, successful, innovative company like Apple to thrive, they require more than intelligence or a university degree. 

It is for a similar reason that we include our school values in our Learning and Teaching Framework. Yes, students need to achieve the best they can in their academic subjects. This absolutely matters. But they also need to learn how to be people of character, people that can relate to other people and be respected for their actions and choices. People with integrity, who act responsibly, strive for excellence in their endeavors, and who can work together in teams to achieve outcomes. 

Mr Ryan Caldwell

Director of Teaching and Learning/English Teacher

As we conclude Term One, it is always nice to  reflect on the journey we've taken together and celebrate the moments that have made it special.  Our school community has thrived in numerous ways, from academic pursuits to whole school events; we have lived our school values of excellence, teamwork, integrity and responsibility.

Throughout the term, our students immersed themselves in their learning, exploring new topics, honing their skills and challenging themselves to embrace new opportunities. Through teamwork, teachers and students embraced enriching learning experiences that fueled curiosity and growth.

Beyond academics, our students showcased their talents, passions and perseverance in many different arenas, including our swimming and cross country carnivals, where their dedication and enthusiasm were evident.

Furthermore, our community strengthened its bonds through various events and initiatives. Whether it was in our collaboration and partnership during parent-teacher interviews, the fun-filled bike afternoon, or the heartwarming family BBQ. These moments brought us together, fostering a sense of unity and belonging among us all.

As we look ahead to next term, let's carry forward our school spirit, whatsoever you do, do it heartily, that has defined Term One. Together, we can continue to support one another, overcome challenges, and reach new heights of success and fulfillment.

In closing, I extend our gratitude to everyone – students, teachers, staff, parents, and our broader community – for their contributions to the success of this term. Here's to more accomplishments and memorable moments in the terms ahead.

Mrs Heidi Dent

Junior School CoOrdinator/Year 6 Teacher

Year 7 and 8 Da Vinci Decathlon

This week some of our Years 7 and 8 Students attended the Da Vinci Decathlon held at TAS with students from other schools in the area.

A great time was had by all and Year 8 came away with First place in the Engineering component.

Well done girls!




Good afternoon,

We are very sorry to say that the planned Armidale Autumn Festival 2024 has been impacted by the weather, and will not proceed in its full form.

This has been a difficult decision. We have explored (and revisited over the last hours!) every alternative, including rescheduling the event or splitting activities over two days.

Unfortunately, given the number of stakeholders and moving parts, it has been impossible to devise a solution that ensured the whole event could run.




Breakfast with the Band will proceed at 7am with a wet weather alternative, the Armidale City Band band room opposite Civic Park.

Armidale Campus to City Canter will proceed as planned!

Performances that were scheduled by New England Conservatorium to be on the stage in the park from 1.30pm have been relocated to Armidale Town Hall. Please join us for some wonderful entertainment if you can!

AUTUMN FESTIVAL Although the parade and stalls have been cancelled, our students will still be performing in the Town Hall at 2.15pm. Please come along and support our wonderful performers

School photo days - Senior and Junior - 1 and 2 May

Dear families,

An order form has been sent through Engage for Individual/Year Group/ Boarding/SRC/Leadership photos, which will be taken on the following dates:

Wednesday, 1 May for Senior School

Thursday, 2 May for Junior School

Please make your choices and choose a payment method. Read instructions carefully as no refunds can be given.

The best option is to pay online at the ASA website - (please send me your order number once finalised). Note that the photos represented on the site are for display only.

All forms with payment details should be returned to me before the photos are taken.

The orders (with payment details) can be submitted via email, post or in person to Reception (“Akaroa”) or myself - please mark clearly that it is payment for photos.

NB Payments must be received before photo day and regardless of payment option, I need an email with details of order, including order number. This is to ensure photo orders are correct.

Students are to wear their winter uniforms. For Senior School this includes kilts, white shirts, ties, blazers, black stockings and clean black shoes. Junior School boys are to wear long pants, white shirts, ties and blazers with clean black shoes; Junior School girls are to wear their blue winter tunics with checked shirt, navy stockings, blazers and clean black shoes.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me - preferably by email at

Kind regards,

Mrs Helen Smith

Academic Administrative Assistant

That’s a Wrap! Music in Term 1

Junkyard Beats Workshop 

All students in Years 7 and 8 participated in an exciting, creative and LOUD workshop by the dynamic percussion ensemble, Junkyard Beats. In an action-packed 60 minutes, the girls performed a range of different percussion activities. Beginning with some complex body percussion choreography, the girls then used repurposed lids as cymbals to create some very loud rhythmic patterns. Perhaps the most unexpected activity was the plastic bag routine. Sweeping, swooshing then swapping bags between partners and in turn around the cohort circle, made for a strangely mesmerising experience. The workshop wrapped up with a bucket drumming segment. The takeaway message from this workshop is that we are all capable of creating music together and we can find music in everyday objects. 

HSC Composition Workshop

Stage 6 Elective Music students attended an HSC composition workshop at New England Conservatorium of Music. Run by renowned Australian composer Luke Byrne, music students from across the region were treated to a series of presentations which opened their ears and their minds to a world of possibility. In order to compose successfully, we need to understand the concepts of music and how they relate to each other in a piece of music. We listened to a wide range of music from the bebop jazz of John Coltrane, to the cyclical style of Phillip Glass. In the second half of the workshop, students were tasked with creating a composition using a limited pitch set and taking it through a series of variations. NEGS students did a fantastic job and their performance received very positive feedback from Luke Byrne. Well done girls!

Songmakers Workshop

Ruby in Year 11, was invited to participate in the Songmakers Workshop, held at New England Conservatorium of Music, where she spent 2 days writing and recording songs and learning about working in the music industry. Run by 3 music industry professionals from Sydney who act as mentors, the students will come away from the workshop with a recording of their own original song. We cannot wait to hear what Ruby is able to create!

Stage 6 Film Music

This term the Unit of Work for Stage 6 Elective Music has been ‘The Film Music of Hans Zimmer’. We have listened to and studied his iconic themes from Pirates of the Caribbean, The Da Vinci Code, The Dark Knight and Spirit. We have been examining the way Hans Zimmer uses layering of sounds, rhythmic ostinatos and dynamic variation to build tension. Students then were given the task of composing their own film music to accompany a dramatic scene from Interstellar or Top Gun. They were able to successfully incorporate some of Han Zimmer’s characteristics in their pieces whilst putting their own creative stamp on it. 

Year 8 Band

Year 8 have been working in small rock band groups, each comprising 2 guitars, 2 keyboards, drum, bass and vocals. Their Unit of Work this term has been ‘Hooks and Riffs’. They have been working hard in their bands to recreate the classic Eurythmics song Sweet Dreams. It has been wonderful to see this cohort work together and support each other in their performance preparations. I look forward to hearing them perform early next term for their assessment. 

Lunchtime Ensembles

This term we have been offering a different music activity at lunchtime. Students have been encouraged to come to the Music Department and enjoy the space, try something new and always feel welcome. Our ensembles are:

Monday morning 8am Flute Choir

Monday lunch Marimba Group

Tuesday lunch Band

Wednesday lunch Vocal Ensemble

Thursday lunch Drumline 


Ms Laura Curotta

Music Teacher

A big thank you to all the boarders and their families for persevering through a very long first term.

Easter provided a tantalising taste of holidays and as tempting as I am sure it must have been, I am extremely pleased to see everyone return for the last two weeks of school. 

I would like to congratulate every boarder on their positivity over this first term. I am very proud of the efforts they have made to start the year well. I would also like to thank our boarder families who have been very supportive, including clear and honest communications which we know are essential in the shared responsibility of raising great girls.

Next term we will begin our life skills program. Years 7 and 8 in particular will go through the ‘Friendship Matters’ modules, and our older girls will focus on Health and Lifestyle subjects. Some of these will deal with current issues facing young people and some of them will be more old school, like writing a letter! 

We conducted our Weekend Activity survey during Term 1 and the results were interesting. We began the process with the understanding that there was a desire for the girls to have structured activities each weekend. The results from students and parents suggested otherwise. Over the term break, we will endeavour to work out a balance between structured activities and a more fluid activities space, combining one or two larger boarding ‘excursions’ with a regularly supervised activity space for boarders to use at certain times on the weekends, hopefully we can find a balance.

Just a reminder that next term we come back in our winter uniform. Please contact your Head of House if you have any queries about what is required. It is also timely to remind everyone to pack as efficiently as possible, winter means bulky and there is a limited amount of space to store items in the boarding houses. This is especially relevant to anyone using buses or trains at the beginning and end of term.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday break. Enjoy each other’s company and re-energise for Term 2, which at only 9 weeks, will seem like a breeze. I look forward to seeing you all when you collect your children or upon your return on 29 April. Please remember that the Houses do not open until 3pm.

Mrs Kassy Cassidy

Head of Boarding

The 2025 Indigenous Youth Leadership Scholarship is NOW OPEN!

The Smith Family, who offer the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYLP), partners with NEGS Armidale in offering more opportunities to young Indigenous Australians, with a focus on Indigenous youth from communities in very remote areas of the country or regional communities. It supports scholarships for Indigenous students to attend NEGS.


Deadline of Submission: 31st May 2024

Send application by post: 
Leanne Smith, IYLP Manager, PO Box 3041, Rundle Mall, SA, 5000
Send application by email:

Families can find out more on our website via this link or directly through The Smith Family website.

We are more than happy to chat with you about these scholarships and look forward to hearing from you! 

Mrs Katlyn Wilkinson

Enrolments Officer



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