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NEGS News, Term 3 Week 8

I am really looking forward to catching up with our Junior and Senior School families at the celebration of the Equestrian Centre’s 50th Anniversary next Friday night at our Main Event. Don't forget to purchase your tickets through the link attached to this newsletter. 

This term, Year 11 students have had the opportunity to apply for the position of Prefect for 2024. This process includes a written application, speech and interview. I commend every student who applied. The applicants displayed courage as they shared examples of how they have demonstrated the school’s values, how they would resolve challenges, and what their motivations were for seeking a leadership position. Well done girls!

Performing the duties of a NEGS prefect is both a challenge and an opportunity to fast track a student’s personal development. Prefects take on new responsibilities, learn to deal with new challenges and are afforded the opportunities and guidance to rapidly enhance their leadership abilities.

In the March 10 Newsletter, I drew your attention to research suggesting that education in a girls’ school environment provides young women with a better preparation to assume leadership positions in their adult lives. The researchers’ explanation was that girls’ schools remove some of the obstacles that can limit opportunities for women. At NEGS, we intentionally teach students how to identify and challenge gender stereotypes and encourage girls to realise that their gender neither defines them nor limits their pathways. The size of the student population allows the staff to develop greater awareness of the social and cultural challenges and barriers that individual students face. This is very helpful in knowing what can be done to support their progress towards independence and in developing the confidence to become a leader.

The extract in the link below, is from the findings of a review by researchers from Monash University, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sydney, of the 108 research papers published from 2000 to 2019 on the leadership development of adolescent girls. The authors conclusions support the importance of the work we are doing in this space. They note that “leadership does not begin in adulthood” (Eva et al., 2021, p.16). It begins during adolescence, at a time when girls’ schools can provide instrumental support and opportunities to allow girls to explore their full potential as positive leaders. 


Eva, N., De Cieri, H., Murphy, S. E., & Lowe, K. B. (2021). Leader development for adolescent girls: State of the field and a framework for moving forward. The Leadership Quarterly, 32(1), 1-19.

Read research here - Exploring positive leadership development strategies for adolescent girls

Ms Liz van Genderen


I often take some time to read newsletters from other schools to see what is going on in the educational community. I find this a good way to gain perspective and not get caught in the NEGS bubble and continually looking inward. This week there was a short piece written in response to the “post-trial blues” suffered by many Yr 12 students:

There is a condition that many Year 12 students seem to acquire after the Trial Exams called the “Post Trial Blues”. This is the time when many Year 12 students are feeling unmotivated and flat after the stress of completing the Trial Exams and are finding it difficult to get motivated to keep going towards the HSC exams. I spoke to Year 12 this week regarding the importance of “keeping going” to the end and completing the journey to the best of their ability. Many courses have not yet been completed so students are still learning content in class, while others are working hard at revision. Past results have clearly shown that the students who achieve well in the HSC are the ones who continue to attend school and classes regularly right up until the end of Term 3. I encourage all students to attend classes and use the wealth of knowledge and experience from their hard-working teachers.  

Tracey Bewicke
Year 12 Leader of Pastoral Care

This encouraged me to take the time to talk with our cohort, and look to reset post trials and make sure that their run into Valedictory was one they could look back on with fondness, respect and pride. We talked about returning to their 5,10 and even 20 year reunion and how they might feel and how they might be remembered by those around them. Schools are amazing places that provide opportunities for personal growth in an environment that allows mistakes to be made and learned from safely, and with guidance forged from a place of nurture and care. Sometimes it is not until we have an opportunity to look back that we see the value of where we have been.

I encourage the rest of the school to stay focussed and on task as the term winds up. Let us all look forward to farewelling our seniors as they celebrate their valedictory.

Mr Jamie Moore

Deputy Principal

Dear NEGS Community,

As we journey through another academic year at NEGS, it is paramount that we reflect on the values that guide us and embrace the spirit of excellence that sets us apart. Excellence, as we define it here at NEGS, is not just about grades or accolades; it's about the unwavering commitment to progress and the relentless pursuit of one's personal best. With this ethos in mind, we find ourselves at a crucial juncture in the academic calendar. Year 12 students have recently completed their Trial HSC Exams, while Year 11 students are currently in the midst of their End of Year Exams. It is the perfect time for all of us to contemplate the significance of effort and goal setting in our academic journeys.

To our Year 12 students, we commend you on your dedication and resilience thus far. The Trial HSC Exams were not merely an assessment of your knowledge, but also a reflection of your perseverance and determination. We emphasise that your worth is not solely determined by the grades you receive, but by the effort you put in and the progress you make. Excellence is about continuous improvement, and these trials are stepping stones toward your ultimate goal—the Higher School Certificate (HSC) Exams in Term 4.

Now is the time for you, our Year 12 students, to reflect upon your Trial HSC results. Analyse your performance, identify your strengths, and recognize areas that need improvement. Set specific and achievable goals that will guide you on your path to success in the HSC. These goals should be SMART—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. By breaking down your objectives into smaller, manageable steps, you can chart a clear course toward achieving your desired outcomes.

Utilise the Course Performance Descriptors; they are a valuable resource. These descriptors offer a detailed breakdown of the performance bands for each course, allowing you to understand where you currently stand and where you aim to be. Select a specific performance band as your target and work diligently to reach it. Whether it's moving from a Band 4 to a Band 5 or aiming for the elusive Band 6, setting a clear performance goal will provide you with a sense of purpose and direction.

Your teachers are here to support you in this endeavour. Don't hesitate to seek their guidance and feedback. They possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and their insights can prove invaluable in refining your study strategies and addressing your weaknesses. Be proactive in scheduling meetings with your teachers to discuss your goals and ask for constructive feedback on how to achieve them. Remember, your teachers are your allies on this academic journey, and they are committed to helping you succeed.

For our Year 11 students, as you navigate your End of Year Exams, remember that this is an opportunity to showcase your growth and potential. Embrace the challenge with enthusiasm and give it your all. The results you obtain from these exams will serve as a starting point for your Year 12 journey. Once you receive your results, don't merely file them away; use them as a foundation for setting your academic goals.

Much like our Year 12 students, set specific goals based on the Course Performance Descriptors. Consider where you currently stand and where you aspire to be by the end of Year 12. Use these descriptors as a roadmap to guide your progress. Whether it's elevating your performance from Band 4 to Band 5 or achieving consistent improvement across all subjects, aim for excellence with determination.

Additionally, make it a priority to seek feedback from your teachers after receiving your exam results. Engage in open and honest conversations about your performance, and inquire about strategies to bridge any gaps. Your teachers are committed to helping you reach your full potential, and their insights will be instrumental in your journey toward excellence.

In closing, remember that excellence is not a destination but a continuous pursuit. It is measured not only by the grades on your report card, but also by the effort and determination you invest in your academic endeavours. Set your goals high, reflect on your progress, and seek guidance when needed. Together, we can ensure that the values of NEGS—especially excellence—are more than just words on paper; they are principles we live by every day.

Wishing our Year 12 students success in their HSC journey and our Year 11 students the determination to excel in their upcoming exams. Let us all embrace the spirit of excellence and continue to inspire one another to reach new heights.

Kind regards,

Ryan Caldwell

Director of Teaching and Learning

“Grandparents hold our hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever.”

As I sit to write this article, I am still smiling from my day, reflecting on the warmth and wonders that Grandparents’ Day always brings. 

Grandparents' Day is a cherished occasion in our calendar that allows us to celebrate these extraordinary individuals who bring care, compassion and unique experiences to our school community. Through our school's Grandparents' Day celebration, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the importance of connections and create lasting memories for both students and their grandparents.

Grandparents are so often the bearers of a rich tapestry created from a life of vast experiences. Their stories provide a bridge between the past and the present, offering our students unique insights into history, culture, family heritage, and our world today. Encouraging our children to listen as grandparents (their own and others) share their life journeys, ensures that this invaluable knowledge is passed down through the generations.

This years’ Grandparents' Day at NEGS was a day for students to express their appreciation to their grandparents, teaching our students the importance of showing gratitude to those who have nurtured them.

In a world that sometimes feels disconnected, Grandparents' Day serves as a reminder to the importance of uniting our community, bringing our wider family together to share in many interactive activities and witness our students perform. 

Grandparents' Day 2023 was a heartwarming celebration that reminded us of the incredible influence of the special people in our students' lives. Through this, we strengthen the bonds between generations, celebrate the wisdom of our elders, and created cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 

We are proud to be a part of this tradition that honours the love and guidance that our extended families bring into the lives of our students, and thank all of those who were able to attend.





Mrs Heidi Dent

Junior School Coordinator

IGSA Hockey and Netball

What another amazing trip away with this group of students. Their determination was evident throughout the whole competition and we couldn’t be prouder of them. Even though we did not make the finals in either hockey or netball this year, I believe these teams are still winners. They trained hard, played hard and still came out smiling on the other side. These weekends really do show just how much grit our students have, with them backing up each hour to play another game and never giving up until the whistle blows. A huge thank you to all of the families that were able to join us. Your support and cheering was greatly appreciated by the teams and staff. Congratulations to all of our wonderful players!

Junior Hockey

Game 4: 0-2 loss against Rosewood

Game 5: 2-0 win against Pymble

Game 6: 0-5 loss against Wenona

Game 7: 0-0 draw against Abbotsleigh

Senior Hockey

Game 5: 1-4 loss against Pymble

Game 6: 0-2 loss against Ascham

Game 7: 0-2 loss against PLC Sydney

Junior Netball

Game 4: 12-32 loss against PLC Sydney

Game 5: 13-28 loss against PLC Armidale

Game 6: 12-31 loss against Ravenswood

Game 7: 6-26 loss against Brigidine

Senior Netball

Game 5: 29-38 loss against Pymble

Game 6: 18-38 loss against Rosewood

Game 7: 22-26 loss against PLC Sydney




Division 1 and U15 team 

Goodluck to our two remaining sporting teams into finals this season. The U15 hockey team play in the grand final this Saturday at 11:30am at UNE, and our Division 1 hockey team are playing in another semi final at 12pm on Sunday at UNE. Please come along and join us to cheer them on.

19 for 19 Challenge

The 19 for 19 Challenge - a walk for Anya’s Wish is coming up on the first Sunday of Term 4, 15 October. This is a wonderful opportunity for our school to support a local community event and raise much needed funds for cancer research. Please complete the form using the link provided to participate. All participants need to be registered by Friday 17 September, so please complete the form ASAP.

IPSHA Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to all of our Junior School students who formed our IPSHA Athletics team in all of your events last week. The IPSHA Athletics Carnival was held at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre on Wednesday 30 August, and provided our students with the opportunity to compete against students from the independent schools in Sydney and is a rather challenging competition. Our students did themselves and our school proud in the way they approached each of their events with determination and gratitude, no matter the result. Thank you to our families who took time out to support our wonderful athletes. Well done to everyone.






IGSA Athletics Carnival

On Thursday morning of Week 6, 10 students from Years 7 -11 headed down to Sydney Olympic Park for IGSA athletics. These students included Alyvia Wilson (year 11), Aaliyah Carroll (year 9), Bonnie Hay (year 9), Jessie Simpson (year 9), Anna Benson (year 8), Amelia Fiechtner (year 8),  Matilda Meyn (year 8) Emily Simpson (year 7), Caitlin Emerton (year 7) and Alexia Abagrobe (year 7). 

Thursday afternoon saw three of our girls in the 800m race. A huge congratulations to all competitors in this race, but an exceptional effort from Alyvia Wilson who came first in her heat, securing her a spot in the final. All remaining NEGS girls were ecstatic throughout the race, cheered on Alyvia throughout and especially in that last 100m where the legs were no doubt burning. 

All girls retreated to the Locker Room in Homebush for a well-deserved dinner and quick trip to Cold Rock. Along with PLC Armidale, all NEGS girls stay at the Ridges in Parramatta. 

It was an early wake-up at 6:00am for our athletes, who after grabbing a quick breakfast, were on their way back to Sydney Olympic park. 

Friday was a great day for all of our athletes with outstanding sportsmanship towards other schools and one another. Again, NEGS athletes achieved exceptional results with Alyvia Wilson placing 6th in the 400m race and completing her 800m final. Emily Simpson also achieved an outstanding result of 3rd in the 13yrs Discus event. Both Alyvia and Emily have placed in the IGSA team for the 16yrs 400m and 13yrs Discus respectfully, and will now compete at the CIS competition. We wish them both the best of luck at CIS athletics on 19 September.

This experience was incredible for all athletes and a great opportunity to compete at an Olympic level arena against some of the best junior athletes in the country. A very tough competition for sure and some great results from our athletes. 

Miss Emma Johnston

PDHPE Teacher


Netball Gala Day

On 16 August, a group of NEGS girls in Years 7-10 made their way to the netball courts in Armidale to play in the Netball NSW Schools Gala Day. We split into 4 teams, and played around 6 games during the day against local Armidale schools. This day gave us an opportunity to either try netball for the first time or join with friends and  further develop our games skills. It was a fun day and everyone had a great time.

Felicity Chapman - Year 10






Student Sport Reports



The NEGS Red netball team had an amazing season. The team consisted of 13 girls, many of whom had never played netball before. The two terms of netball brought many lessons including how to play netball, and throughout the season the girls experienced some wins and losses and had an amazing time together learning how to play the game and connect with their teammates to create a positive and enjoyable sporting environment. Two of the girls from the Red team were lucky enough to go to Sydney as a part of the Junior IGSA team and were able to improve their netball skills and learn in a more competitive and fast paced environment.


This season we originally started with four netball teams. We eventually decided to combine teams to allow for each team to have multiple subs. We combined after already playing a few rounds of the comp so some girls had to learn how to play new positions to accommodate the new players. Over the season we had some great wins, and some losses which proved to be good learning opportunities. Over the season our main focus for points of improvement were hard drives, front cuts, and a sneaky trick for our shooters to get the ball back onto the court by passing it to the pole and the same player catching it again as long as both their feet were on court, and then the shooters would be able to take a shot. We spent most of the season in the Top 4, but towards the end of the season many of our players suffered injuries and we ultimately just missed out on the semi-finals. Overall, NEGS Blue had a great season, and we want to thank our players who would do the duties such as umpire, and our coach Elian.


The NEGS Gold team participated in a competitive and rewarding season, finishing fourth on the ladder. In the beginning of the competition, the team experienced many wins and played exceptional games. After some teams were moved in and out of the division, competition became more competitive and games much more exciting and thrilling to watch. The season came with excitement as we played games at the courts in front of many spectators, as well as in front of a full school crowd during games held at NEGS. The team was also lucky enough to compete in Sydney for IGSA, experiencing a much more physically demanding competition, a step up from the local comp. After this, the girls became more cohesive as a team and the rest of the season was played with a love for the sport and the girls on the team. 


Opens Team

We loved our season of soccer for 2023! While it was a first for some and the fifth season for others, we all enjoyed every moment of it. Games became the highlight of our week, with the usual 1 degree temperatures adding to our adrenaline. Special and massive thanks to the PLC teams for allowing us to join and play along side your team. We learnt about sportsmanship, athleticism and adaptability, skills we will take with us forever in life. We are already pumped for next year, let’s make it happen!

Junior Team

This season, we joined with PLC to form a team and it was the first time some of our players had played soccer. Our team consistently showed kindness both on and off the field, which made training and our games really enjoyable. Even though there weren’t many wins, our team always tried our best and supported each other. With our coaches help, we were able to further develop our soccer skills and gain a better understanding of game play. It was a fun season.


U8 Hockey Team

This season, Lucinda and Ashley have had the pleasure of coaching 7 very young hockey players. The season began with the young boys and girls knowing very minimal skill and knowledge about the game. However, this was quickly transformed when at the end of the season their skills and overall knowledge grew exponentially. 

All of the students very much enjoyed the training sessions, Saturday morning games and being able to form new relationships with the older girls. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the season and have learnt many new skills, such as working with younger children and being able to adapt training sessions to different skills and interests. 

We congratulate all of the young students on their efforts and their ability to learn many new skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their hockey careers. We believe that the students in the years below will be able to carry this ability in the years to come and form a prosperous hockey community. 

Special shout out to Phoebe for scoring our one goal for the season. Congratulations Phoebe!

Summer Sport Offerings

We have many opportunities for our students to participate in this summer in Term 4. Students have already received the google form to complete and is due by early next week. Teams will be formed by the end of Week 9 and students will be notified of their selections. Please have a conversation with your daughter about their selections. As sport is compulsory at NEGS, those students who participate in equestrian or other sports need to have sought an exemption from either Mrs Overton (equestrian) or Mrs Nixon.


Senior Futsal

Basketball - Years 7/8, 9/10

Motion Fitness Session


Junior Futsal


Indoor Hockey

Tennis Coaching



Touch Football

Mrs Liane Nixon

Sport Coordinator

Year 8 Technology Report/NEGS Veggie Garden

This term, Year 8 Technology have been studying context areas of Agricultural Technologies and Food Technologies. Specifically, girls are looking at the importance of a Paddock to Plate sustainable system when using a design process. 

The Australian Hamburger unit investigates the main Australian agricultural production industries (wheat, beef, dairy, sheep, pork, poultry and horticulture) from paddock to plate. Students have been completing theoretical activities to prepare them to complete a major project for the unit to design and prepare a nutritious food product: a hamburger using raw materials from Australian agricultural production.

Students have been designing, growing, managing and making observations on their vegetable/herb garden. They have used their knowledge to grow fresh produce to use in their burger coupled with food preparation and cooking techniques.


Ms Julie Hodges


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope this newsletter finds you well. It's that time in the term when fatigue starts to set in, and we truly understand the challenges your daughters face – the endless routine, the sleepless nights, and the longing for a moment of solitude. We appreciate the tremendous effort they've put into their studies and daily routines.
Amidst all the challenges, our boarders have displayed remarkable resilience, determination, and unwavering integrity. Please take a moment to congratulate your daughters for their incredible commitment. We, as a boarding community, have witnessed their growth and are consistently proud of their achievements. 
Last week, we had an absolute blast during our Barefoot Bowls event! The joy and laughter that filled the air were heartwarming. These moments of fun and camaraderie help create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds. This week, we have an exciting activity planned as we head to UNE to support our hockey semi finalists on Sunday afternoon. We wish our hockey team the very best, and we're looking forward to cheering them on.

As we approach the end of Term 3, we kindly request your assistance. The boarders will need to pack up their belongings, and it's astonishing how much accumulates over a term. While larger items like bed linen and side tables can be stored, we have limited space available. We also have a camp group scheduled to use the NEGS facilities, so we kindly ask that the rest of the belongings go home with your daughters. Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated as it allows us to maintain an organized and welcoming environment for all. Thank you for your understanding.

Warm regards,

Mrs Meg Laverty

Head of Boarding

Please see the link below for this week's Careers Newsletter.

Happy Heading.

Newsletter Link

Ms Jessica Walker

Careers Advisor

To close this year off will certainly be a sad one. The countless memories made and laughs will travel with me for a lifetime. A final massive thank you to every single person that has been a part of the journey. Each coach, friend and horse will hold a special place in my heart. As my final newsletter, I will enforce the idea of going into the next year while having fun. As a full circle moment, and my very first newsletter being about how much fun the Equestrian center has been for me, I encourage all to take a similar approach to life. It is scary to consider being out in the big wide world but I know I can always strive to take in all I can and have the most fun possible. The staff at the EC have been excellent role models for this, something money truly cannot buy. Some of us will be competing right up until the last day of this term, while others are taking it easy and enjoying what little time we have left. All other year levels will come back next term with nothing changed, while year 12 will certainly be feeling that hole in our heart, longing to be back in a place we feel so loved by. I wish the best to the class of 2024, they are certainly ready for all the challenges ahead of them, and I know they will carry on a legacy we have paved for them, one of commitment, strength and passion. For a final time thank you, and may you miss us as much as we will miss you! Megan Gerigk, Equestrian Captain of 2023

Polocrosse is all wrapped up for the year. All of the girls have had a great year with some great achievements and playing some memorable games. The year ended on a high, with our coach, Ella Elks, and her Guyra women's team taking out the Queensland Club Championships with world-class competition and extremely tough games. This same weekend, Emily and Rosie attended Mendooran Carnival playing on some young horses while having a lot of fun. Although the squad should be continuing into next term, most of the girls’ good horses are out in the paddock having a long-deserved break while young ones are coming in to learn the ropes. Emily Wamsley, Polocrosse Captain of 2023

WOW. What a roller coaster this year has been. But little to say that I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have worked super hard to be able to get the Campdraft team up and running again, and I’m so thankful to the girls and staff members who have helped me through this process. I am so thankful for everything. I'm so proud of the girls and the amazing riders that I have witnessed them become, from us going to Drafts as a team and competing for NEGS. It was good to see the NEGS community spirit shine within the girls.

Thank you to our amazing coach, Maree, for being there and sticking with the girls to help them improve and build their confidence levels up. I am so very grateful.

I have some advice for the next Campdraft Leader that is willing to take on the challenge; 'Don't give up something that feels right, just because you don't have people behind you'. From my experience as Campdraft Captain, you can't be afraid of being the odd one out when sometimes it’s a good thing to stand out, do what you think may benefit the team and make the team better.

So, I wish the next Captain all the best as well as the team. I'm looking forward to seeing the type of amazing riders you become. 

Signing Over and Out! Thanks Prudence Tumeth, Campdraft Captain of 2023. 

My time at NEGS has been a great experience that has taught me a lifetime of knowledge, and is one that I will cherish forever. Being the Eventing Captain has been lots of fun and I have enjoyed travelling around NSW with the Eventing girls to compete. I have made many lifelong friendships and memories through the EC which I will never forget.

I am very grateful for the support that Rachelle and Annyka have given to me during my time here at NEGS. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I have experienced and the rider I have become. One of my favorite memories would have to be travelling to Coona and competing as a team.

Thank you to all the beautiful people at the EC for being a part of my journey here at NEGS Equestrian. Jessica Beirne, Eventing Captain of 2023

Wow! What a journey it has been. I am so very grateful to have been the Show Riding Captain for 2023, and can confidently say that I am walking away with a wealth of knowledge, opportunities and experience under my belt.

I have had the most amazing time over the past three years and it has been a privilege to be able to lead such a competent and talented team of girls.

NEGS currently holds the Champion Team of Four riders at both ISHE 2022 (Alex Machlin, Sienna Robinson, Allie Palmer and Eden Lochhead) and Coona 2023 (Bea Morton, Sienna Robinson, Allie Palmer and Eden Lochhead), which is a significant accomplishment for our show team whilst I have been captain.

I owe a notable thanks to our wonderful show coach, Justine Aitken, for all the hours of blood sweat and tears she has poured into the team, but more specifically, my own personal riding journey throughout my time here at NEGS.

Thank you to Annyka and Rachelle, along with all the staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide our horses with the best of care and enable us to travel far and wide to follow our passion. I am so proud to have been the Show Riding Captain for 2023 and to say that throughout this time I have achieved my first blue in the show ring, first champion, first supreme, and first ever ticket to Grand Nationals and Southern Cross, is a huge achievement.

I look forward to continuing to watch our team flourish and wish the best of luck to everyone for the rest of the year ahead. Eden Lochhead, Show Riding Captain of 2023

What a sensational lineup of performers we had at Grandparents’ Day this week! I can not express how incredibly proud I felt of all the junior school students who sang so well in their choral performances. Both the K-2 and 3-6 Choirs had been working hard every week this term to perfect their songs for this event, and all who were there to hear them will definitely agree that their hard work has absolutely paid off. 

The K-3 Choir sang ‘Hooray For Mr Whiskers’ with such high energy! Creating a big sound has been something we have been working on for a while, and they definitely pulled out all the stops for this performance, delighting everyone in the room.

The 3-6 Choir completely blew their audience away with our own arrangement of ‘Adiemus’, by Carl Jenkins. This is a very challenging song to learn, and definitely represents the hardest music they have sung so far. Students enjoyed learning the made up language that makes up the lyrics in this song. We also dove into part-singing, mastering the multiple independent rhythmic and melodic lines this song is known for to create a very stirring performance. Well done to each and every one of them. I am sure that the many treasured grandparents watching would have been thrilled to see and hear you all in action. 

Our chapel service also featured two students from our Senior School, including Imogen Cadzow on the flute, and Eilish Morgan on the piano, both of whom did an excellent job as solo performers. I want to acknowledge the courage and willingness of these students to come forward as soloists for such a big audience. It isn’t easy to do, but it seemed so effortless to both of them. I am sure there will be many more performances to come.

For our Junior School Choirs, it is now time to reset and start afresh with new music next week, so I am looking forward to getting started in that space once again. There will be some wonderful performances at Chapel and Valedictory in Week 10 coming up, so all the best to those students busily preparing for those performances as well. 

Happy music making,

Mrs Sarah Sadgrove.

Music Teacher



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