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NEGS News Term 3, Week 6

25 Aug 2023
Written by Tianna Kelly
General News


As we near the second half of Term 3, we look forward to celebrating significant events where every student should feel proud of their school, including but not limited to our Father's Day Breakfast and Grandparent's Day; and for Year 12, their term will culminate with Valedictory celebrations as we farewell them as students and welcome them as Alumni.

This past fortnight I have encouraged all students to ‘reset’ and revisit the rights and responsibilities of a NEGS student. We all get tired at this point in the term, so as a reminder, here are our rights and responsibilities.

Students at NEGS have the right to:

  • a quality education;
  • be given access to a broad range of activities;
  • learn in a safe and supportive environment free from distraction or  interference from others and where the atmosphere and facilities will enhance their prospect of achievement;
  • be shown respect, courtesy and interest by other students, staff and adults;
  • feel safe from discrimination, harassment or indoctrination;
  • expect their person and property to be safe;
  • the support and assistance of staff; and
  • feel proud of their school.

Students at NEGS have a responsibility to:

  • behave at all times in a respectful and courteous manner that shows regard for their own safety and that of other;
  • conduct themselves in an exemplary manner at all times when representing the School;
  • attend and be punctual to school and lessons;
  • come to class prepared to participate in learning activities to the best of their ability and to be responsive to guidance and advice;
  • interact courteously with all members of staff and other students;
  • wear the uniform correctly and with pride;
  • exercise self-control and negotiate with others;
  • respect the rights of other students to learn;
  • care for their own property and respect the property of other students and the School;
  • care for the environment and assist in keeping the grounds clean and tidy;
  • respect the rules and guidelines as set out by staff, and
  • respect the rights of others to participate in activities and enjoy their time at NEGS.

I look forward to seeing all students conducting themselves in an exemplary manner, being on time and prepared for classes and being respectful to staff and fellow students, for the remainder of the term. As Mr Moore states below, 'be punctual, prepared and purposeful'.

Today, I am lucky enough to be in Sydney where I have enjoyed watching our students compete in IGSA athletics. 

Following my email earlier this week, I do encourage you to review the NEGS 2023-2026 Strategic Plan.

The strategy sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead with a focus on growth and personalised learning experiences.  It is designed to ensure continual enhancement of our regional education offering in a clear direction to have the most personalised education and boarding experience.  It ensures that, over the next 3 years, our students and our connected community have the opportunity to thrive in today's ever-changing world. 

For those of you who know Jorja Curry, Jorja is on an exchange program in Denmark this year. This has been a great process to be involved in, and there are many benefits of being an exchange student. Please enjoy reading Jorja’s letter below. We also currently welcome two students from St Catherines in Toorak, who are with us as part of an exchange.

Ms Liz van Genderen



Hello NEGS family,

I thought I would send a little update on my Exchange and life here in Denmark after 6 months!

These past 6 months have been a whirlwind of learning, experiences and traveling! Thanks to the help of my host family and school friends I can understand most of the Danish language and I am beginning to speak more and more. Knowing the language has definitely helped me to immerse myself into life here in Denmark. From being able to participate more in school to surprising yourself that you can understand the TV or a conversation going on around you. It is however lucky that everybody in Denmark knows English and is happy to help when you can’t find a word or need some general help.

In May, I went on a trip around Europe with 56 other Rotary Exchange Students from all around the world. People from Chile, Taiwan, Argentina, Spain, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and of course Australia all jammed into a bus as we hit the road for 18 days. On my EuroTour, we visited Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. It was an incredible experience where I’ve made lifelong friendships with people from all over the world and saw some truly amazing sights. In the summer break, I was lucky enough that my host family took me on a holiday to England for a week. We stayed in London and saw all the sights, including some cricket, which was a nice reminder of home. At the end of September, I am going on a class trip to Malaga, Spain, for a week! In Spain, we will sit in on some classes at a local school as well as sightseeing and hopefully have some beach time! I am very excited about that.

I was also lucky enough to attend a music festival held locally in my city, Odense. ‘Tinderbox’ is an annual 3-day concert that attracts over 80,000 visitors. I attended all 3 days of the festival and saw some pretty amazing artists including; George Ezra, Lukas Graham, Maroon 5, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the Aussie artist Dean Lewis. I took an Australian flag with me to his concert and was able to get a shout-out from him onstage! As well as a feature in the Local newspaper.

It is crazy how fast time has flown by, and I now have around 5 months left of my Exchange. I will be celebrating Christmas and New Year's in Denmark, so I am excited to see how the celebrations differ from Australia!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my exchange!

Jorja Curry.


Picture 1: My host family Picture 2: My host sister, Ingrid; Host brother, Holger; Host Mum Karen and I Picture 3: My picture in the Newspaper Picture 4: All of the Rotary Exchange students in 2022/23 on eurotour with our national flags

“You always do what you want to do. This is true with every act. You may say that you had to do something, or that you were forced to, but actually, whatever you do, you do by choice. Only you have the power to choose for yourself.” – W. Clement Stone

My recent assembly address was focussed on owning the choices we make, and being accountable for the impact that those choices have, not only on yourself, but on the people and environment around you. 

Being kind is a choice. Choosing between what is right and wrong, is a choice. If you’re not sure, then trust your gut feeling. That is a choice, and, inevitably, there will be times when we get those choices wrong. Of course, we encourage reflection as this is a great way to learn and develop a more informed process of decision-making. Unfortunately, however, reflection is often triggered only after a certain outcome/consequence has been realised and involves searching for a reason for making the decision as opposed to owning the mistake. There are always multiple factors at play, but ultimately, it is the individual that chooses to say something, share something, or treat someone a certain way, and they need to be held accountable for that.

We continue to encourage our students to consider the 3 focus points for the term:

Being Punctual: Time is a precious commodity, and we will need to squeeze every minute out of every day to achieve our individual and collective goals.

Being Prepared: Demonstrate personal responsibility by having what you need when you need it.

Being Purposeful: Attack each task with energy and enthusiasm. Engage with those around you and give your very best. “Whatsoever you do, do it Heartily”.

Mr Jamie Moore

Deputy Principal

Read | Grow  | Inspire

As parents, you have the incredible opportunity to shape your child's love of learning. One of the most powerful ways to accomplish this is by cultivating a love for reading. This week, following our fabulous Book Week Celebration, let’s explore the benefits of encouraging your children to read widely on their own and sharing the joy of reading aloud together.

1. Expanding Horizons Through Wide Reading

Diversity in reading material is a window to the world. Encouraging your children to read widely across genres and perspectives, exposes them to a rich tapestry of human experiences. This exposure fosters empathy, understanding and connection.

2. Cognitive Growth and Reading Widely

Reading widely sharpens cognitive skills by challenging your children's minds with different writing styles and ideas, whilst building background knowledge to support comprehension. Exposure to varied concepts encourages critical thinking, enabling them to make connections between seemingly unrelated subjects. This boosts problem-solving skills and equips them with a broader toolkit for tackling challenges.

3. Language Mastery and Diverse Reading

A diverse range of books exposes children to new vocabulary, expressions, and language structures. This linguistic variety enhances their reading, writing, and communication skills. By encountering unfamiliar words in different contexts, they develop a more nuanced understanding of language and an ability to adapt their communication style to different situations.

4. Fostering Imagination through Wide Reading

Books fuel imagination. Science fiction explores futuristic possibilities, mysteries encourage analytical thinking, and fantasy whisks young minds away to magical realms. By reading widely, children's creativity flourishes, and they learn to think beyond the confines of their own reality.

5. Building a Cultural Bridge

Reading books set in different countries and featuring characters from diverse backgrounds, fosters cultural awareness. Children gain insights into traditions, customs, and perspectives beyond their own. This exposure nurtures respectful relationships, preparing them to thrive in an interconnected world.

6. The Magic of Reading Aloud

Reading aloud together is a cherished bonding experience that offers unique benefits. It's an opportunity for quality time and shared laughter. Even as children grow older, the ritual of reading aloud maintains an emotional connection and provides a safe space for discussions about complex topics.

7. Language Development Through Reading Aloud

Reading aloud enhances language development by exposing children to the rhythm and cadence of spoken language, how phrasing effects meaning and builds understanding of the complexities within vocabulary and language comprehension. Children also learn the art of listening, which is essential for effective communication.

8. Fostering a Love for Reading

When parents read, they model a passion for reading. Children often imitate the behaviours they see, so when they observe your enthusiasm for books, they are more likely to develop a love for reading themselves. Reading aloud introduces them to stories they might not pick up on their own, fostering a curiosity that will drive them to explore.

In the journey of nurturing young minds, the combined practices of reading widely and reading aloud have a profound impact. Through a diverse range of books, children gain understanding, empathy, and the cognitive tools to navigate life's challenges. Sharing the joy of reading strengthens the parent-child bond and cultivates a love for literature. Embrace these practices to provide your children with the foundation they need to become lifelong learners, compassionate individuals, and confident communicators in our diverse and dynamic world.

Here are some images from our Book Week morning with Ms van Genderen.


Mrs Heidi Dent

Junior School Coordinator and Year 6 Teacher

Just a friendly reminder!

We are now half way through Term 3, which means just around the corner is Term 4 and with that comes Summer Uniforms.

Any student that is needing any new summer uniform items for Term 4, please come and see me at the uniform shop during morning tea or lunch.

Students that are new to the NEGS community, could you please organize a time to make a uniform fitting with me for your summer uniform before the end of term 3.

Thank you.

Mrs Emma Le Messurier

Uniform Shop Coordinator

National Computer Science School (NCSS) Summer Camp

NEGS has been competing in the annual NCSS challenge and utilising Grok Academy resources for 15 years.

When: 6th-15th January 2024

Location: The University of Melbourne and The University of NSW (Sydney)

Theme:  There are two streams; Sydney stream is a cyber security stream and the Melbourne stream is developing a web-based chatbot.

Type: Residential camp for students in Year 11 or 12 at the start of 2024

Entry: By application, see


NCSS challenges students to think like computer scientists. Over ten-days students are immersed in an intensive advanced computing experience in a university setting. As well as working in labs and attending lectures, students will go on industry site visits and meet industry professionals in a variety of contexts, including talks and competitions.

Since 1996, NCSS has been attended by more than 2,000 students and teachers from all over Australia and New Zealand.

NCSS is sponsored by WiseTech Global, Australian Signals Directorate, Atlassian, Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie, Optiver, Telstra, Dolby, Airwallex (in collaboration with the University of Melbourne), and Google.

NCSS is the ONLY Summer School of its type in Australia.

Questions can be directed to 


Congratulations to everyone for making it over half way through Term 3! In junior school, we are busy polishing off choir songs and finding opportunities to perform them for audiences before moving on to new projects once again. 

A few achievements to mention: In Week 5, the K - 2 Choir delighted the junior school assembly with a fun performance of ‘I Need A Home For My Dinosaur’, and our 3 - 6 Choir is busy preparing to perform our own arrangement of ‘Adiemus’ by Carl Jenkins, at the Grandparent’s Day celebrations in Week 7. 

The senior school had their first solo musical performance in a long time during their weekly assembly during Week 6, so congratulations to Imogen Cadzow for playing her violin for the school. To perform in front of any audience can be daunting for most musicians, and especially so for our young, developing music students, so I want to recognise the bravery and commitment that all our performers show when presenting a musical item. It would be a lot easier to just keep our music to ourselves, and only ever play or sing in a practise studio! Yet, music is for sharing, so I encourage all music students to be proud of what they do, to jump on board and share what you love about making music through performance opportunities. 

I look forward to all our wonderful upcoming performances throughout the term. Valedictory is just around the corner, and there will be some great musical performances happening then as well.

Remember - music does not have to be perfect to be performed! 

Happy music making,

Mrs Sarah Sadgrove

Music Teacher

Dear Boarding School Families,
We hope this newsletter finds you in good health and high spirits.

A hearty congratulations are in order for our incredible Year 12 students who have just completed their Trial Higher School Certificate (HSC) examinations! We are absolutely thrilled with the dedication and exemplary conduct displayed by our Year 12 boarders throughout the week and a half of intense testing. The resilience and focus you have exhibited truly embody the spirit of our boarding community. Your hard work and commitment do not go unnoticed, and we are confident that your efforts will yield remarkable results.

One delightful development we've observed is the infusion of Spanish influences among our students. With the arrival of GAP students Amelia and Sara, our halls have been resonating with the warm tones of the Spanish language. It's heartwarming to hear "Hola" echoing through our corridors and "Adiós" or "Chao" bidding farewell as
friendships blossom.

In this digital age, staying connected is easier than ever before, but it's essential to navigate the online world responsibly. As our students become more involved in social media and digital platforms, there's also an increased need for understanding proper online conduct and safeguarding personal information. We kindly urge parents to engage in an open conversation with your daughters about digital etiquette and internet safety. To assist you in this crucial conversation, we recommend taking a look at Rebecca Sparrow's invaluable resource titled "Before You Hit." This resource covers fundamental online do's and don'ts, securing devices, and establishing household internet agreements and parental control apps.

As part of our commitment to fostering a safe and responsible online environment for our boarders, we will be addressing this topic in our upcoming house meetings. It's a fantastic opportunity for students to share their thoughts, concerns, and insights on internet usage, social media, and digital well-being. We believe that by engaging in open dialogue, we can collectively create a supportive atmosphere that empowers our students to navigate the digital realm confidently.

Wednesday morning was abuzz with excitement as our junior school students joined forces in preparation for the upcoming Book Week Parade. Laughter filled the air as students collaborated on their costume creations, utilizing materials like garbage bags and stockings to bring their imaginative ideas to life. The spirit of camaraderie was palpable, a true testament to the sense of community we cherish here.

As we look ahead, the weekends continue to be a source of joy for our students. This upcoming weekend promises an engaging scavenger hunt, igniting their sense of adventure and teamwork. Additionally, we have the wonderful opportunity to explore nature through a bottle garden building activity. These activities not only provide
recreational outlets, but also nurture essential life skills and a strong sense of togetherness.

A reminder that ORAH is only used for boarding leave. If you are taking leave during the school week, please email Mrs Helen Smith on

Thank you for your continued trust and support as we nurture not only academic growth, but also personal development within our boarding community. We look forward to the next few weeks with learning, laughter, and shared experiences that shape our students into responsible global citizens.

Warm Regards, The Boarding Team.


Mrs Meg Laverty

Head of Boarding

Polocrosse: Emily Wamsley

Hallie T, Emily W, Bridget M, and Rosie R all went to the Gully carnival. The girls all had a great weekend. Hallie played exceptionally well, and her team finished runners-up in the F grade. Following that, Anna B had a fantastic weekend competing in the juniors as a 1 at the Warwick Carnival. The Queensland Club Champs and Mendooren Carnival will make up most of the girl's final carnivals in two weeks.

Show Jumping: Ruby Agnew

Last weekend, showjumpers had the chance to ride under the guidance of Matt Ryan in his clinic at NEGS. Not limited to explicitly NEGS students, a wide range of riders benefitted from Matt’s teaching, as well as meeting new like-minded people. Taking advantage of the large indoor arena to escape from the unfortunate Saturday weather, the riders engaged in exercises that focused on curving lines, angling fences and apexes in individual segments and used these new skills to ride a mini-course at the end. 

Good luck to Annabelle B, Emily O, Megan G, Ruby H and Georgiana P, who are competing in the Showjumping World Cup this weekend at AELEC in Tamworth. We are all rooting for you! No matter the height or outcome of the round, we are proud of your efforts and dedication to your craft.

Eventing - Jessica Beirne

It’s been a while since I have jumped on here to talk about Eventing at the Equestrian Centre! Eventing recently has been lots of fun for our girls. We had a few girls attend Quirindi at the end of July and they all achieved amazing results, including the fabulous Rachelle! We are also very grateful for all of the effort that has been put into our cross country course recently! Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this, especially the parents. We are so incredibly lucky to have such amazing facilities here at NEGS, and seeing the cross country course improve is very exciting! 

On the weekend, we had the amazing Matt Ryan come back to NEGS to do a show jumping/ cross country clinic! This was thoroughly enjoyed by all girls. Here is a little something from Vanessa Baker about the Matt Ryan Clinic on the weekend…

“On Sunday, Matt held the cross country portion of his clinic. The weather did a complete 180 and it was sunny and warm with a nice breeze, far better than yesterday! I went down to watch some of the younger NEGS girls ride with Matt and they were making great use of the new water jump and rearranged course, especially the jumps on top of the bank. I rode in the afternoon and enjoyed honing my all round skills, including skinny jumps, ditches, drops, angled fences and water jumps. It's always great to have Matt Ryan at NEGS”.

It was definitely enjoyed by all of our girls and we are so lucky that Matt took some time out of his busy schedule to come and coach our girls!

We are looking forward to some more eventing in the upcoming months! GO NEGS!!

Show Riding: Eden Lochhead

The NEGS show team has had an extremely enjoyable and successful few weekends away, competing at some exciting SHC GN qualifiers. Each of the girls showed admirable dedication and commitment to the team, which I was very pleased to see. We had some exciting golden tickets to GN acquired at the recent Northern NSW Hack champs - Coach Justine Aitken won Runner up in both her rider and open large hack on Wenona Artistry, Allie Palmer champion childs hack on Palmers Haveyou, and Eden Lochhead runner-up rider 17u21 on Wenona Artistry. 

Lismore was the first big SHC comp for many of our younger girls, so we applaud their efforts over the weekend and look forward to seeing them at more comps in the future. 

After competing at the EA Youth Show, SHC Youth Showcase and Northern NSW Hack champs over the past month, we are more than ready for the upcoming run of ag shows over the next few weeks. Justine is heading to the Wee Waa show this weekend with a team of girls. We wish them all the best and can’t wait to hear their results. 

We are now reaching the end of the winter sport season with some of our teams finished, some of our teams playing their last game this weekend, and some of our teams into semi final rounds. We wish them all the very best in the final games and look forward to sharing our results with you all.

Our rugby students have had a great season with many of their games played in Tamworth. Both teams showed great improvement over the season and it was a credit to the players and the coaching staff for their dedication. It was great to see teams that consisted of students from NEGS, PLC, O’Connor, Armidale City Public School, The Waldorf School and Armidale Secondary College come together so that the girls could play. Both teams had some good results and played some exciting rugby. A big thanks must go to coaches Mike Te Moana, Claire Harpley and Grace Thomas, along with new coach Mr Jake Rayner. These games would not have been possible without the generosity of both PLC and NEGS in supplying transport to and from the games.

U13 Hockey Report

The U13s hockey team started with a few players new to the game, and some more that came along during the season. It was great to be able to see all of the players develop throughout the season as they’ve learnt to support each other on and off the field. Even when they were short, they all did their best to run their hearts out and never gave up on the game no matter what the score was. I’m so proud of all the hard work they put in this year and hope they had as much fun as I did being their coach.

Coach, Danika Watson

We also wish our IPSHA and IGSA Athletics teams all the best in their carnivals this week and next week. The following students are representing our school.

IPSHA Athletics

  • Ava Sutherland
  • Kenzie Watson
  • Coco Loughrey
  • Georgina Pillar
  • Zia Guyett
  • Xavi Dent
  • Logan Hassett
  • William Gibbs
  • Flynn Guyett

IGSA Athletics

  • Emily Simpson
  • Cailtin Emerton
  • Alexia Agarobe
  • Amelia Fiechtner
  • Aaliyah Carroll
  • Bonnie Hay
  • Anna Benson
  • Alyvia Wilson
  • Jessie Simpson
  • Matilda Meyn

The IGSA Hockey and Netball teams are also off to Sydney on Thursday 31 August, until Saturday 2 September, for the second round of games. Good luck in your games everyone.

From Weeks 7-10, Years 7 and 8 will be participating in tennis sessions during their PE practical lessons. Brandon Burey from Bureys Tennis Academy will be providing coaches for the sessions and the cost is supported by the Sporting Schools Grant. Students will pay $10 to cover the remaining costs. This is a wonderful opportunity for these students to develop their skills in this sport.

Years 10, 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to apply for Half and Full Colours. The awarding of colours is to recognise achievement, contribution and excellence of those students who have distinguished themselves in one or more of the programs offered by NEGS. Such excellence may be displayed in co-curricular, service, agriculture and sporting pursuits of the school. To be awarded Full or Half Colours, students must fulfill the criteria established for each Colours Awards, and this will be provided to students upon the collection of an application form. The awarding of School Colours will take into account aspects of the student’s behaviour, such as attitude, commitment, dedication, integrity and sportsmanship, as well as the level of competition. Application forms are available in Mrs Nixon’s office and all forms need to be returned by Friday 8 September. 



For more information, click here

Mrs Liane Nixon

Sport Coordinator

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Members of the NEGS Community,

Teaching and Learning Framework

After more than six months of professional development and reflection, the staff have completed a draft of the NEGS Teaching & Learning Framework. In exploring the needs of our learners and community, reviewing the research, and thinking through the competencies that a NEGS education offers above and beyond the curriculum, we have enjoyed a wonderful professional conversation around academics and learning. From here, the Framework’s visual design will undergo some work, and a breakdown of the framework’s elements will occur, ready for final publication. I look forward to sharing this with you in due course. 

The hard work has really just begun, however. The operationalisation of the Framework in our everyday teaching and learning practices is the opportunity and the challenge that lays ahead, and is one I am very much looking forward to.

NSW Curriculum Reform

You may be aware that NESA is undertaking a reform of the curriculum. We have a new K-2 English and Maths syllabus in place, which continues next year with a staggered roll out of the K-10 English and Maths syllabuses. Other subjects have been published and are going through a phase of community consultation, which our staff have been involved in.

The stated aim of the reform is to:

  • Build strong foundations for future learning – new English and Mathematics syllabuses for Kindergarten to Year 2.
  • Provide more time for teaching – reducing the hours teachers spend on extra-curricular topics and issues, and compliance requirements. 
  • Strengthen post-school pathways – new learning areas for Years 11 and 12 that clearly link learning to future employment and study options. 
  • Develop a new curriculum – new syllabuses focused on what is essential to know and do in the early and middle years of schooling, and key learning areas in the senior years.

For us here at NEGS, this reform process could not have come at a better time, as we need to work through a process of updating and refining our teaching programs, scope and sequence documents, and our assessment planning. As we do so, we will work to embed our Teaching and Learning Framework into the curriculum in meaningful and lasting ways.

Year 12 HSC Trial Examinations

I extend a heartfelt congratulations to our Year 12 students for their dedication in the recently concluded HSC Trial Examinations. Their hard work, perseverance, and commitment to their studies is to be commended, reflecting not only their academic prowess but also their embodiment of our school's values. I wish our seniors all the best as they continue to prepare for their final HSC exams, taking on the learnings and key improves from their trials.

Year 11 End of Year Exams on the Horizon

As we celebrate the success of our Year 12 students, we turn our attention to our Year 11 cohort who are about to embark on their End of Year Examinations. These assessments mark an important milestone in their academic journey towards the HSC and serve as a stepping stone towards their Year 12 studies. I encourage all Year 11 students to approach these exams with the same spirit of excellence, integrity, and responsibility that was demonstrated recently by our seniors.

Guiding Year 9s and 10s through Career Exploration

Our Year 9 and 10 students have been actively engaged in valuable career exploration activities, equipping them with essential insights into the myriad of opportunities that lie ahead. As they navigate these formative years, we strive to instill within them a strong sense of aspiration, encouraging them to make informed decisions about their academic and professional pathways.

Year 10 Subject Selection

A significant milestone awaits our Year 10 students as they commence the subject selection process on Wednesday, 30 August. This process marks the beginning of their Senior Studies journey, wherein they will have the opportunity to tailor their education to their interests and aspirations. We encourage Year 10 parents to play an active role in this process by engaging in meaningful discussions with their daughter about her subject choices.

Parent Information Session - Year 10 Subject Selection

To support our Year 10 parents in this crucial decision-making process, we are hosting a Parent Information Session on Monday, 4 September, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. This session will provide valuable insights into the subject selection process, curriculum offerings, and the various support mechanisms in place to guide our students towards academic success.

In conclusion, we are immensely proud of the achievements of our students and the dedication of our educators. Our commitment to fostering excellence, integrity, responsibility, and teamwork remains unwavering as we continue to nurture the academic growth and holistic development of each student.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership in creating an environment where our students thrive academically and personally. 

Mr Ryan Caldwell

Director of Teaching and Learning

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