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NEGS News - Term 3 Week 2.

26 Jul 2023
Written by Margot Davis
General News
NEGS News Term 3, Week 2
NEGS News Term 3, Week 2

Last Friday and Saturday I accompanied NEGS marketing staff in promoting our school at the Narrabri Boarding Expo. We were made to feel very welcomed by past, present (and hopefully future) members of the NEGS community. Thank you, Narrabri!

I would like to give a huge ‘shout out’ to all who assisted in the second round of the working bee in the EC and the school’s cross-country course last weekend. Things are certainly going to be looking pristine for our 50 Year Anniversary.

Congratulations to students in Years 7-10 who received an academic award at Monday’s Academic Awards Assembly. Thank you to our families for the significant roles you play in guiding and encouraging your young person through their learning journeys. Together we make a great team.

This term Mr Ryan Caldwell Director of Teaching and Learning will be launching a new program called the Vision Program to students. The purpose is to further cultivate an aspirational academic culture at NEGS. Please refer to Mr Caldwell's article below.

We know our Year 12 students are feeling the pressure of HSC trials, and our Year 11 students are preparing themselves for leadership in conjunction with their exams. I wish you all the very best and know that you can achieve your goals.

I commend each and every student on how well you strive to balance your academic learning with equestrian, sporting and co-curricular commitments. If well executed, you will enhance your academic performance.

Ms Liz van Genderen


Welcome back to the entire NEGS community for what will be a very energetic and involved term.

IGSA hockey and Netball kicks off this weekend, whilst planning for both IPSHA and IGSA Athletics is underway, along with the continuation of our involvement in local sporting competitions as they reach the pointy end, and a full round of equestrian opportunities taking place. Also, our Senior Students are preparing for their HSC trials and finishing their time at school, with the yr 11 students gearing up to take on our student leadership roles and, all the while, everyone will continue to give their best in the classroom. This term will keep us all on our toes.

As we look to achieve excellence on a personal, team and school level, we have asked the girls to focus on 3 things for the term.

Being Punctual: Time is a precious commodity, and we will need to squeeze every minute out of every day to achieve our individual and collective goals.

Being Prepared: Demonstrate personal responsibility by having what you need when you need it.

Being Purposeful: Attack each task with energy and enthusiasm. Engage with those around you and give your very best. “Whatsoever you do, do it Heartily”


Winter is well upon us, and a reminder to all that the NEGS Sport Jacket can ONLY be worn over the jumper and blazer and never in class or as part of a Formal Uniform when representing the school.

Our new items of sports clothing, the Hoodie and vest, are ONLY to be worn as part of the Sports Uniform.

Winter growth spurts have also seen some skirts shorten, so please check and alter if it is sitting above the knee.

Hats are to be worn when in the sun and whenever wearing a uniform outside of the school. This includes travel to and from school, attending appointments and being downtown.


Phones are to be turned off when entering the school. They are to be placed at the front of the class when arriving and collected at the end of the lesson. They are not to be used through break times. Consequences for breaches are detailed in the student diary.


Just a reminder that when your children are absent for part, or all of a day, the school needs to be advised. It is preferable if this can happen before 9am.

Please either complete the Student Absence notification (if this is completed, a record is kept) as below or phone the school on 6774 8700.

  1. Log into your Parent Portal on Engage.
  2. In the blue menu bar, select 'Daybook' and from the drop-down menu 'Pupil Daybook.'
  3. When in the Daybook screen, click 'Add new entry' and from the drop-down menu select 'Student Absence Notification.'
  4. From there, a form will open for you to fill out the sections that apply to your child’s absence (double-click your child’s name on the left-hand side to select). Please ensure the correct dates are entered for leave.
  5. Our Attendance Officer will process the absence.
  6. Click “save and close” to submit the form.

For any leave that is more than one day (besides sick leave), permission should be sought from Mr Jamie Moore, Deputy Principal,

If your child is a Boarder, you will need to complete an Orah application too. We appreciate the inconvenience of the two systems.

Mr Jamie Moore

Deputy Principal

As we commence Semester Two, we have the opportunity to celebrate the academic achievements of students in the previous semester. What follows is an adaptation of the speech I gave to the school community at the Semester Two Academic Awards Assembly, followed by some explanation and elaboration of the Vision program that was announced.


I have a riddle for you. Who am I?

I was born in 1963 in Melbourne, although the family relocated to Armidale for work when I was 9. I attended Armidale High School, where I excelled in hockey and was known as a capable debater and a sensible student. I was the only student at my school to undertake the extension Maths course in Stage 6. I was dux in 1980, and was accepted into Medicine at the University of Sydney, although I ultimately did not pursue this course of study. 

I instead chose to study Economics at the University of New England, as I enjoyed the course at school, felt that it would develop a very practical and useful set of skills, and was more comfortable staying in a regional environment. I aligned myself with St Albert’s College and continued to pursue my interest in hockey through the intervarsity competition. I have fond memories of the university Ag Eco and Rural Science balls.

Whilst I have lived most of my life in Sydney since graduating from UNE, I value being able to experience my formative years in Armidale. After UNE, I completed a Master of Science in 1989 at the London School of Economics.

I am involved in the local Communities for Communities charity, which helps Indigenous children in Tamworth and has built housing for disadvantaged communities in Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia and the Philippines.

I have only had one employer since graduating from university – the Reserve Bank of Australia. I have worked in various roles and was an Assistant Governor for three areas from 2010 to 2022, holding responsibility for currency from 2010 to 2015, business services from 2015 to 2016 and the financial system from 2016 to 2022, before being appointed as Deputy Governor in April 2022. 

I was the first woman to be appointed as Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

I was appointed to my current position by Josh Frydenberg, and I was appointed to my next role, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, to commence in September of this year, by Jim Chalmers. I will replace the current Governor, Phillip Lowe.

I am the first women to be appointed as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and in this role, I am one of the most powerful financial decision makers in Australia, with the ability to affect the financial lives of all Australians, both rich and poor.

Who am I? I am Michelle Bullock.

Okay, so we have here a story of a young woman, educated in Armidale, that in her own way, will soon be one of the most powerful and influential women in Australia. What are we to make of this? Let’s start with the obvious. 

One. A country, education is no barrier to success. Indeed, it’s an enabler of success. In places like Armidale and schools like NEGS, an individual is known and supported, and if you want to be a captain of industry or a leader in a field, you have the opportunities and support to progress along your chosen pathway.

Two. Success comes from effort. The ABC published an article recently where they interviewed some of Michelle Bullock’s teachers at Armidale High School. What was most striking was her humility, despite her talents, and her interest in contributing - to her hockey teams, to her community, and to society in meaningful ways - rather than pursuing individual acclaim and honours. It’s no wonder she entered the Public Service. 

In summary, we have a motivated young woman from Armidale, who cared about contributing, who worked hard with her studies and is now, more than ever, an important figure in public life.

What’s the message for our students?

Be inspired. Accept that you can excel in whatever field you choose to pursue if you work at it. Find something that interests you and have a red hot go at pursuing it heartily. 

This is what we’re about here at NEGS in the academic space – trying, effort, work ethic. Good grades are great, sure, but effort is better and is what really earns the respect of others. Those teachers in Michelle Bullock’s ABC article were more impressed by her work ethic and character than they were by her grades.

Of course, not everyone can achieve an A for every subject, but there is no person in this school that can’t achieve a Consistent Effort award. All you have to do is try. 

Which brings me back to the idea of a vision.

Trying, working hard, maintaining effort, is much easier to do when you have a clear goal in mind, a vision of the life you would love to lead. An aspiration, a sense of where you could be, and a pathway to get there.


At this point in my speech, I announced the development of a Vision program. The name comes from the school hymn:

Give of our best! So when the gates swing wide, 

And through the larger world our way we choose 

Of life’s high enterprise, which we descried, 

Never can we the vision wholly lose.

It’s a simple formula: have a vision of life’s high enterprise and work hard to achieve it.

Florence Green, our Founder, was a visionary educator who understood the importance of being well-red, well-versed in current affairs, and aspirational in intent. The Vision program seeks to progress these ideals, to bolster an aspirational academic culture at NEGS, and to support and extend the academic achievement of our students.

At the core of the Vision endeavour is effort. Effort in purposeful, targeted, reflective academic endeavour to engender progress against rigorous yet realistic goals. Having a vision and working hard to achieve it has nothing to do with the various gifts and talents we may be bestowed with. It’s about grit, determination, resilience, and, most importantly, aspiration. We have been careful to design this program to reward effort rather than ability. 

So, moving forward, much as the ongoing development of our Teaching and learning Framework has been a highly consultative and collaborative exercise, the Vision program will likewise be further developed through a process of stakeholder engagement and consultation. Student voice and agency will be a priority in refining the specific elements of the program, as will the perspectives offered by parents and other key stakeholders.

I very much look forward to liaising with our vibrant community to ensure that, as a community, we have a collective vision to enhance the bright futures of all of the young people in our care at NEGS.

Mr Ryan Caldwell

Director of Teaching & Learning

What a wonderful start we have had in the music block for Semester 2! There are now 5 choir groups beginning their rehearsals, and it is a pleasure to see the growing confidence and skill that so many students are showing. Choir is a great opportunity to develop not only beautiful voices, but teamwork too! A big shout out to our year 3 - 6 Choir, who are beginning to extend themselves in part singing, and doing a fabulous job already. Senior school will begin their rehearsals for their Valedictory performances this week, and we have a few students putting their hands up for opportunities to perform as soloists at assemblies over the next few weeks, which is also fantastic. 

Saumarez Strings kicked off for the term in week 2. This is our Junior School Strings Ensemble, open to all levels of experience on a stringed instrument. New players are always welcome - rehearsals are Monday mornings at 8am in Music Block.

Songbirds Choir also made a terrific start to the term, and it was lovely to see new members joining us. If your child would like to join us, rehearsals start at 8am on Wednesday mornings in the Music Block. Open to all Junior School students from Kindy upwards.

Happy music-making everyone!

Mrs Sarah Sadgrove

Music Teacher

Welcome back.

The start of Semester Two is an important time for our students and families. It is time to refocus and set new goals. It is also an important time for our staff and NSW education. 2023 was the introduction of the new English and Mathematics syllabuses for our Early Years K-2. These were the first of the NSW Curriculum Reform, and are key to building strong foundations. Next year will see the implementation for Years 3-6, with a continued focus on;

A stronger progression of learning across the early and middle years, building on the new English and Mathematics K–2 syllabuses

Prioritising essential knowledge, understanding and skills

In English, a continued focus on studying quality texts as well as a more explicit approach to teaching writing so students learn and regularly practise the skills needed to create written texts

Also, in English, a greater focus on students reading regularly to enhance reading fluency and build vocabulary, contributing to improved writing and use of language

In Mathematics, a more explicit focus on ‘working mathematically’ where students communicate reasoning, understanding and fluency, and engage in problem-solving

The staff are committed to planning and implementing classroom programs that encompass these priority areas and embrace the future direction, embedded in quality teaching and learning. “All students must receive an education that provides them with a solid foundation for life – preparing young people to make a productive contribution to our society.”

This term also sees our kindness curriculum’s focus move to integrity, one of the four values that underpin a NEGS education.

At NEGS, we firmly believe in the importance of Values Education for our children. It fosters personal growth, equipping them with skills to navigate life's challenges effortlessly. This fast-paced world demands adaptability and positive relationships, making Values Education pivotal in shaping their character.

Enriching both the physical and emotional aspects of a person, Values Education instils essential manners and a sense of belonging. Our children learn the value of contributing to their communities and nurturing tolerance, and understanding. In the 21st century, Values Education is even more crucial. It enhances decision-making abilities and fosters curiosity, leading to the growth of their values and interests, preparing them for a successful future.

A sense of connection and belonging among students also lies at the heart of these teachings. It encourages open-mindedness, promoting a harmonious and inclusive society where every child feels valued.

Teaching and living our values provide a positive direction, guiding children towards their purpose and the best version of themselves. They become more committed, making thoughtful decisions that lead to character development and a stronger sense of identity.

As parents, your support in nurturing your children's growth is invaluable. Together, we can instil wisdom and empathy, empowering them to navigate life confidently.

Thank you for creating a caring and nurturing environment for ‘Today’s children, Tomorrow’s Leaders’  in which they can thrive.

Mrs Heidi Dent

Junior School Coordinator

We have hit the ground running this term with our winter sports commencing straight away. It is great to see the students training hard with the coaches and making improvements in their skill level and teamwork. We also a very busy term with many representative sporting events including IGSA Athletics, IPSHA Athletics and IGSA Hockey and Netball.

The IGSA hockey and netball teams are competing in their first round of competitions in Sydney this week on Friday, 28 and Saturday, 29 July. These games provide our students with the opportunity to play teams from the other IGSA schools in Sydney and join in this school-based competition, in addition to our community competition. We wish them all the very best in their games and look forward to sharing their results with you. The second round of games will be held on Friday, 1 and Saturday, 2 September.

IGSA Athletics will be held on  Thursday, 24 and Friday, 25 August. IPSHA Athletics will be held the following week on Wednesday, 30 August. Our IGSA and IPSHA teams have begun their training sessions on a Monday with Mr Moore and Miss Johnston. These competitions are another excellent opportunity for our students to compete against other students from the Sydney Independent schools and experience a high level of competition.

We have been successful in gaining Sporting School grants for students in our Junior School and in Years 9 and 10 to participate in gymnastics sessions at the Armidale Gymnastics Centre. These sessions support the teaching and learning the gymnastics component of the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education syllabus. The students are provided with the opportunity to use the gymnastics equipment to develop their skills in this sport and access specialised teaching from the qualified staff at the centre.


Students have begun accessing the many things on offer this term across the whole campus. 

Junior School offerings:

  • Monday - STEAM Club (Years 1-6)
  • Tuesday - Motion Fitness Session (Years 3-6)
  • Wednesday - Ball Skills (Years PreK-2)

Senior School offerings:

Monday - Lunchtime

  • B Squared (Maths Focus Group) - Mr Jones and Ms Morey, Room 4 (no need to sign up)
  • Business Enrichment - Ms Walker, Room 8 (no need to sign up)

Monday - After School

  • Code Club - Miss Stone 3:30-4:30pm Bio Lab
  • Athletics (IGSA/IPSHA ATHLETICS TEAM ONLY) - Mr Moore and Miss Johnston 3:30-4:30pm Oval
  • Gym Session - Ms Morey and Mrs Lehman 3:30-4:30 MPC
  • Academic Mentoring - Mr Paige and Mr Caldwell 3:45-4:45pm Downstairs Library  (no need to sign up)

Tuesday - Lunchtime

  • Round Square - Doc Pearson - Tuesday Lunch in the Co-Curricular Meeting Room (Old Y11 Common Room)(no need to sign up)
  • B Squared (Maths Focus Group) - Mr Jones and Ms Morey, lunchtime room 4 (no need to sign up)

Tuesday - After School

  • Gym Session - Motion Fitness 4:30 - 5:30 pm, cost $80 (minimum of 10 needed to run) at NEGS - Starts Week 3
  • Livestock Team - Mr Cassidy 3:45 - 5:00pm (participation for this is through seeing Mr Cassidy)

Thursday - Lunchtime

  • Hope Hour - Rev Davis, lunchtime Christian Studies Classroom (no need to sign up)

Thursday - After School 

  • Creative Club - Mrs Hodges 3:30 - 4:30pm, Design Studio
  • The Learning Hub - 3:30 - 4:30pm Mrs Te Moana  classroom (no need to sign up)
  • Livestock Team - Mr Cassidy 3:45 - 5:00pm
  • Academic Mentoring - Mr Paige and Mr Jones 3:45 - 4:45pm Downstairs Library  (no need to sign up)

Friday - Lunchtime

  • Chess Club - Mr Pearson lunchtime Room 5 (no need to sign up)

Friday - After School

  • Youth Group - Rev Davies 7 - 9pm, St Marks Church UNE

As you can see, there are so many things that your child is able to be involved in, so please discuss this with them and encourage them to take up new opportunities.

Mrs Liane Nixon

Sport Co-Ordinator and PE Teacher

Gymnastics and Dance

Students from years 7 and 8 have been enjoying learning new dance moves as a part of their term 3 practical PDHPE unit. This unit concentrates on getting students active, engaged and having fun. Throughout the next three weeks, students from years 7 and 8 will choreograph their own dance routines using the elements of dance; space, time and dynamic. In week 5, students will present their dance routine and teach it to the class. 

Images show students learning the Cha-Cha slide in week 2 as a warm-up. 

Students from years 9 and 10 have been given the opportunity to learn new gymnastics skills and further develop old skills at the Armidale gymnasium as their practical PDHPE component for term 3. Coach Woly and fellow teachers have been taking the girls through circuits that concentrate on developing their tumbling skills and body control. Over the next three weeks students will be developing their own gymnastics routine, which they will present to fellow peers in week 5. Years 9 and 10 have been highly engaged in the gymnastics unit with lots of smiling faces being observed throughout the first two sessions. 


From Emma Johnson

PDHPE Teacher

It has been an eventful and exciting two weeks back in boarding! With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, there's a renewed energy and enthusiasm in the house. We are delighted to welcome our new GAP students, Sara and Amelia, who have already become an integral part of our boarding family. You may spot them around, engaging in various activities like cooking, playing games, and guiding the younger students to the sports field.

We extend a warm welcome to all the families joining the NEGS boarding community. Your support and involvement play a vital role in making the boarding experience enriching and memorable for our students.

Preparations for the academic year are in full swing, and our Year 12 boarding captains have been doing a fantastic job in fostering a sense of camaraderie and fun among their peers. The recent Friday night game of "Celebrity Heads" brought joy and laughter, with Barbie and Scooby Doo proving to be popular choices!

As part of the weekend activities, we had an exciting dance-off on Saturday night, ensuring everyone got their groove on. And to cap off the weekend, we enjoyed a trip to the cinema, where we watched the much-anticipated Barbie movie.

For our Year 12 students, preparations for the trial HSC are underway, and they are making excellent use of their prep time to study and excel academically. Our boarding staff members are proud to have the opportunity to play a significant role in helping your daughters grow into healthy, happy individuals.

Navigating high school years can be challenging, and we understand the importance of addressing the complexities of friendships and personal boundaries. These topics are part of our daily conversations in the boarding house, and our dedicated staff members are here to support your daughters as they navigate this path.

We are looking forward to the upcoming weeks filled with new experiences, academic achievements, and valuable life lessons. Together, as a close-knit boarding community, we will continue to foster an environment that encourages personal growth and fosters lasting friendships.

Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in us. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. Here's to another fantastic term ahead!


Mrs Meagan Laverty

Head of Boarding

Miss Jessica Walker

Please see this week's Careers Newsletter here.


We had a great start to the Term at our Open Morning this morning, with over 30 people attending in their families. Just a reminder to let your friends, family and acquaintances know we are still taking enrolments for this year and next year.  

Website Launch

The new website will launch in the next week, which we're excited to share with you. 


The NEGS Main Event -  50-Year Celebration on Friday 15 September. In previous years (pre-COVID) - the school has hosted many events such as balls and trivia nights that have brought together the parents, friends, supporters, Old Girls and the wider NEGS community. This year it will be a cocktail evening held in the Stables and Arena. This event will be for the entire school and community - we'd love to see you there!

Why not make a night of it with friends and family, with a DJ/Band, musical ride demonstration and an open bar included in the ticket price, it will be a fun night for all. Don't miss out!

View all events and book tickets here

Ms Lyn O'Neill

Director of Marketing and Enrolments

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